Boomin Words From Hell


Boomin' Words from Hell was first released in 1988 when Smith was just 15 years old. It was promoted solely by word of mouth and the album's dark lyrical content made it the subject of many rumors.


Erotic Poetry


Young, sex-crazed, and exercising his first amendment right, Esham's Erotic Poetry is NSFW.


Homey Don't Play!


Released in 1991 the debut of Homey the Clown depicted Esham wearing clown paint inspiring the use of face paint in other popular acts.


Judgement Day Vol. 1 & 2


Judgement Day Vol. 1-2 is a double album that was released in 1992. 
While 2Pac’s 'All Eyez On Me' is often regarded as the first double rap album, Esham accomplished it four years earlier.




Hellterskkkelter was released ahead of the 1993 full-length release Kkkill The Fetus, which would contain an edited radio version of the song “Hellterskkkelter”.


KKKill the Fetus


Released in 1993 KKKill the Fetus is the third studio album by Esham. The album's lyrics focus on subjects such as abortion and murder and has been cited as an iconic horrorcore album. The single Sunshine received heavy national radio play and the video for Hellterskkkelter was featured on an episode of Yo! MTV Raps in 1994.


Closed Casket


Closed Casket is the fourth studio album by Esham and was released on November 22, 1994. Esham felt the lyrical content of his previous albums was being taken too seriously following accusations of practicing Satanism, Esham decided that after producing Closed Casket he would no longer rap about the Devil.


Maggot Brain Theory


The Maggot Brain EP was released several months ahead of Closed Casket. "Stop Diggin' on da D-L" was included on the album.


Detroit Dogshit


Detroit Dogshit is a compilation album by Esham. Released in 1997, it's the first compilation album by the rapper and contains tracks from Esham's albums and extended play's from the years 1989-1994.


Dead Flowerz


Dead Flowerz is the fifth studio album by Esham. Released in 1996, it peaked at #38 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.


Bruce Wayne: Gothom City 1987


Esham’s signature production and role-playing makes for an interesting album on the 1997 release Bruce Wayne: Gotham City 1987.


Mail Dominance


Mail Dominance is the seventh full-length studio album by Esham, released in 1999. It was his most experimental album to date.




Released in 2001, Tongues is the eighth studio album by Esham. The album was also the final album Esham would release on Gothom until Sacrificial Lambz in 2008. The album also marked the return of an old horror/devil sound for Esham.


Acid Rain


Acid Rain is the third compilation album by Esham. Released in 2002, it is the first of three albums by the rapper released on Psychopathic Records.




Repentance is the ninth studio album by Esham. Released in 2003, it features appearances by ICP, Twiztid, and Bone Thugs n Harmony.


A-1 Yola


A-1 Yola is the tenth studio album by Esham. Released in 2005, it was the first hip-hop album to be released with a DVD containing music video for each song.


Lamb Chopz


Lamb Chopz is the fifth extended play by Esham, released as a digital download. The EP's six tracks were incorporated into the 2008 mixtape The Butcher Shop.


The Butcher Shop


The Butcher Shop is the first mixtape presented Esham. Released in 2008, the album contains tracks from Detroit rappers such as Big Herk, Bizarre, Insane Clown Posse, King Gordy, Royce da 5'9 and Trick Trick.


Sacrificial Lambz



I Ain't Cha Homey


I Ain't Cha Homey is the seventh extended play by Esham. Released on July 28, 2009, the album consists entirely of freestyle raps, and marks the return of Smith's "Homey the Clown" persona, which had first appeared on his 1991 EP Homey Don't Play.


Hellaween: Pure Horror


Hellaween: Pure Horror is the second mixtape presented by Esham A. Smith. Released on October 31, 2009, it is a concept album inspired by multiple horror films.


Suspended Animation


Suspended Animation was the start of Esham’s evolution as an artist. He wanted to make music with more meaning and substance. Songs like SSMD, Closed Doors, and Subatomic were designed to make you THINK and to open your mind to new perspectives and ideas.


Suspended Extended: Subatomic Jetpack Edition



Secret Society Circus



Death of an Indie Label


Death of An Indie Label is the soundtrack to a documentary about the independent record label Reel Life Productions.


Holy Black Mamba



DMT Sessions


DMT Sessions is the thirteenth studio album by Esham.








Dead of Winter



She Loves Me


For three decades, Esham imaginatively explored the streets of Detroit, religion, sex, drugs, and politics, but had yet to tackle the topic of love.


She Loves Me Not


Love is a dramatic idea – but the concept is subjective. 'She Loves Me' and 'She Loves Me Not' are Esham’s interpretations of the mental, emotional, and physical places love can take us.